The Basic idea is to create a favorable learning environment for students from Bangthali and it’s surrounding villages enabling them to learn important life lessons. At the same time, the project will provide life changing experiences & opportunities for volunteers. Our volunteers can share and sharpen their valuable skills and knowledge, while helping to build a sustainable community and exploring a new culture, tradition and lifestyle.

Most importantly, we want to provide additional tuition for children visiting the government school, in order to improve their academic level and help them proceed towards a better and deeper understanding. We also aim to provide vocational and practical training to women and youths in order to empower and improve their economic status and living standard.

The ultimate goal is to end the poverty, through skilled and educated citizens, who can help in the process of sustainable development and bring long lasting positive change.

Why we need the learning center in Bangthali

The children visiting existing schools are facing problems with subjects like English, Mathematics & Science. More than 70% of those who are enrolled in grade 1 drop out before they reach class 9. The main reasons for this tendency are unsuited teachers, physical punishment and the lack of infrastructure and resources. Another issue is the lack of proper sanitary facilities.

The village needs a place where people can come together and learn life skills. Nowadays, the lack of specialized skill and proper tools leads to low productivity, especially concerning agriculture. Furthermore, illiteracy and poverty push young people to move to larger cities or abroad, in the hope of a better future, where in reality they have to face even more hardships and exploitation. This trend will continue for generations if the situation in the villages themselves does not improve.


To resolve these issues we are preparing to focus on the most crucial factors for the development.

a) Quality education (Providing educational assistance: Mathematics, Science & Environmental Studies, Nutrition and Hygiene, Languages: English/Spanish, Basic Computing & Internet)

b) Economic growth (Providing support to develop, design and market local products)

c) Community Construction (Supporting to build most needed infrastructures to execute these programs and projects)


Firstly: Rebuilding the basic infrastructure (building with classrooms and shelters and sanitary facilities) (See the plans)

Secondly: Installing furniture, setup labs and library

Thirdly: Starting educational assistance program & vocational training

Lastly: Providing technical support to increase productivity and develop local products

The Impact:

  • This project will have a positive and life changing impact on the lives of more than 500 families in Bangthali and it’s surrounding villages.
  • It will develop a healthy culture of team work, mutual cooperation, participation and involvement to bring about social change working closely together
  • When more than 500 children have a better understanding of what they are learning they have higher chances of facing a brighter future.
  • The economic status of the families will increase which in turn will lead to higher living standards and quality.
  • And finally: The end of the poverty, a self sufficient society and the beginning of a better future.